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8" front, 7" rear?

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I currently have a 66vf with almost 7" of travel on the front of my 2006 Rocky Mountain Switch 2.0. The rear is outfitted with a DHX 4.0 and has 7" of travel as well. Its a well balanced bike, however I am interested in upgrading to a double crown, because of the fact that I am into mostly hucking off large drops, not too concerned with the weight factor...only makes my legs stronger chugging up hill. So I am looking at the 888vf2 and 888rc2. I know they come with 8" on travel stock, but is it possible to set them up for only 7" of plushness? Would 8" up front be too much, making it unbalanced? Thanks for the help, this board is a fantastic resource when you don't personally know others into the same hobby. I also question the knowledge of the staff at a lot of the shops I go to.
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Nah, 8/7 is fine. Might feel better on descent.
If its only one inch difference, you wont really notice anything. I ran a 2004 stinky with a 2005 DHX 5.0 in the rear which gave it 7 inches of travel and I ran a 8 inch 888 RC up front and It worked fine.
Do you have a 2005 66? And you're replacing it with a 2006 888?

The 2005 66's are actually like 10mm taller than the 2006 8" 888's...
I think I have a 2006 66VF.
VF and RC = 2005.... VF2 and RC2X = 2006...
dude i ride 8 inch front 6 inch rear, annd a 24inch rear wheel. and its fine. its barely raked out or slack whichever oen it is. feel sgreat on drops and going downhill. feels very stable once u get it moving fast
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