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Plus size jersey model
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8 days or more of rides in the Tucson area.

UPDATED 12/22/08

Date/time - Ride - Level - (Leader)

Dec 20 - AZT/ATV Reddington - Intermediate, casual pace - (SAMBA)
Dec 20/7pm - Tour de Lush kickoff - 21 and over (Evans house)
Dec 21/9:30am - 50yr upper loop - Advanced (bvoutdoorz)
Dec 22/4pm - Fantasy Island Meteor Shower ride - Beginner to Intermediate- (agmtb)
Dec 23/8:30am - Robles Pass from Starr Pass - Intermediate (rockyroad)
Dec 24/post - AZT - Intermediate length and advanced length - (AZTripper)
Dec 26/9am - Starr Pass - Intermediate (bigworm)
Dec 27/8:30am - 50yr - Intermediate to Advanced (wurensh)
Dec 28? - Sweetwater - Beginner to Intermediate
Dec 29/8am - Bugs-Prison-Millie shuttle - Advanced (bvoutdoorz)
Dec 30?
Dec 31? - Brown Mtn - Advanced
Jan 1or2?
Jan 3/9:30am - FI Kids ride and pizza (sunsetrider)
Jan 4/10am - 24HOP training ride (bvoutdoorz)

Plus size jersey model
1,250 Posts
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Missed the first couple of rides but was determined to make it out to the F.I. meteor ride tonight and boy was I glad I did. The cloud cover did nothing for the meteor viewing which sucked but instead provided one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever witnessed. It was just amazing. The group ride was a bust since I was completely late and never found the other guys but had an amazing time non the less.

Not looking to good for meteor shower viewing and not showing a lot of promise for a good sunset either.
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Playing catch up since I was a half hour late to the ride. Never did find anyone.
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Nature Sunset Red sky at morning Natural landscape Dusk

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