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In case anybody else from around the PNW is interested, I'm going to be camping and riding from the Falls Creek campground near Carson, WA weekend of August 20-22nd. I tore a calf muscle playing stupid volleyball so I won't be doing the gonzo rides, but I'll definitely be out there getting as dirty as I can. Some others from the Oregon PUMP club will be there too.

Driving Directions: Is about an hour, plus 45 min drive doing the speed limit from Vanc/PDX/Colorado River. Eastbound on I-84 to Exit 44 (Cascade Locks/Bridge of the Gods/East 30) Cross Toll Bridge (Bridge of the Gods... 75cents) Eastbound on Hwy 14 toward Stevenson Go through Stevenson Turn Left (North) on Wind River Hwy up the hill toward Carson (is 6 miles past Bridge of the Gods) Follow Wind River Hwy through Carson for 25 miles to Old Man Pass. Highly recommend bringing as many maps as you can. Easy to get lost up there with all the trailheads.

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