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Is a nice number. Not as good as 1st... but hey, who's counting?

What am I talking about? :)

The MTB World Championships 2008 took place this weekend in Italy - and a extra big helping of "bravo" to Yannick Colomb - our junior devo rider we've been following these past two seasons.

Yannick was on our team in 2007, when we got the Junior Women World Championship title - though he wasn't selected to ride for France last year.

However he's been loving his Shockwave's since December 2006 - and getting faster and more confident all the time. It was a pleasant surprise that he was selected for the mighty French team this season - his first ever World Championships.

A solid 7th place in Juniors is nothing to be un-happy about, especially when we see this would still place him in top 30 Men!
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