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Hi guys,

I've been riding trail bikes and do a lot of XC/all mountain/marathon biking here in Switzerland, but also enjoy shuttle running in Portes du Soleil, Chamonix, Crans Montana, etc. Right now I have an Ibis Mojo and a Bionicon Edison (both 5.5" travel). Will keep the Mojo and sell the Bionicon, and am thinking of getting a big bike for shuttle run downhilling. Basically, I will be riding for fun, no desire to enter competitions or so.

What would be the recommendation if I'm looking at Iron Horse? More in the direction of the 7point or the Sunday? I am unsure about the pros and cons of the two bikes. RS has great deals on both of them, so I'm tempted, especially with the low $ right now.

One more thing - I am 6'6", which makes fitting difficult, at times...

Thanks in advance for your help,

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