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I just got my fifth element back from being rebuilt. I ended up shipping it to Garage Works in California to rebuilt and upgraded.
I blew it last year and progressive suspension actually warranteed it, but when i got it back it felt like crap. The rebound was way, way, way too slow. The shock just felt dead making my bike feel like it weighed 100lbs, and pack the rear end like crazy.
Anyways after 2 very agressive rides this weekend i have to say that I am blown away. Garage works suggested they perform a "compression bleed" modification after they inspected/tested the shock. Whatever they call it, it was magical. Shock is very active, and responds very well to rebound, and compression adjustments now. It has a super plush ride now soaking up the smaller stuff without any feedback at all.
I would highly reccomend them to anyone who is doubting their fifth element! It cost me $115 for the rebuild, and $15 for the Compression Bleed. So they charged me $127 for everything including the shipping back to my door step in Utah. When the received my shock they told me the results from their testing and mentioned that the control valve was sticking causing it to have a very inconsistent feel, and dramatically affect the rebound. They then told me my options and made some suggestions according to my weight, bike, and riding style. Super service and a killer shock. I highly reccomend them to everyone that I see. They saved me the cost of replacing my rear shock (i was ready to throw it in the trash and buy a roco wc). Call them you won't be disappointed!!!
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