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Been struggling with this one for a while. Can't argue with RS prices, but trying to decide between 2007 7point5 and 2008 7point. Geometry's supposed to be more relaxed and downhill-ish for 2008. Price is a little more for the 2007, and I assume that's because
of component spec.

I'm looking for my first park bike, and I've been impressed with all the positive reviews for the 7point, although most of the reviews seem to be for the 2007 and earlier models. Any word on the 2008? How does it ride compared to the 2007?

So far, the things I like on the 2007 include:
-DHX 3.0 over Vanilla R
-XT shifters over Sram X.5
-apparently comes with chain guide (not on 2008)

For the 2008 I like:
-half pound lighter
-$300 cheaper!

Big question is geometry. For a first park bike, either one will feel strange at first, so perhaps I'm over-worried about this. Do I go for a more stable downhill machine (2008) or a more nimble set-up that I might even be able to pedal uphill on some of the local trails (2007)? ACK.

Any opinions out there?

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The RS "07's" are hybrids- they have 08 frames on them (which is a good thing-- slacker head angle and shorter chain stays).

I replaced my 06 7-Point-5 with an 08 7-Point from Randall Scott. I like the 08 geometry better. Easier to manual and more slack. Slightly less standover height but not a whole lot less.

They both pedal great.

40.6 pounds with:
gravity dropper
really heavy time pedals.
dhx 5.0
azonic outlaw wheels
single ply 2.6 tires (tubeless)

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