7mesh to sponsor Sam Schultz

After a career spent competing at the highest levels of his sport, former Olympic and World Cup mountain bike racer Sam Schultz is forging a new path that keeps the love for the ride burning strong while stepping back from the start line. And 7mesh Apparel has announced that it will be part of this journey by supplying Schultz with a full range of apparel for his bike adventures.

Having officially ended his time as a full-time racer, Schultz has now set out on a long-term road trip in his custom Sprinter van, accompanied by his dog Pancho. Some of the stops along the way will see him throwing his energy into developing a youth mountain bike league in his home state of Montana, and spreading his love for the sport through road and mountain biking camps at Cycling House in Tucson, Arizona.

His van is loaded with a quiver of Rocky Mountain bikes to accommodate a range of planned riding adventures including epic gravel sessions, multi-day MTB, and big mountain rides. He'll be outfitted with a full range of 7mesh tops and bottoms, from ultra-light race day essentials to the sort of multi-day, multi-purpose tools he'll need for packing light and moving fast across a huge range of conditions and rides.

"I couldn't be more psyched than to partner with such an amazing and tech-forward clothing company," said Schultz. "I can't wait to have them on my back for my schedule of races and adventures this season. It's going to be a comfortable year."

"Two-wheeled storytelling is deeply embedded in the DNA of 7mesh and Schultz will be supplying 7mesh with reports from the ride as his road trip rolls on," the company stated.

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