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73mm e-Type BB shell w/113 spin

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Need help finding a replacement bottom bracket for a specialized P.3.

73mm e-type shell with 113mm spindle from a Truvativ Hussefelt crank set (10-spline).

Any help would be sweet!

Well I ordered the wrong one :(

Talking with LBS it looks like they don't make this one anymore...
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Here's a photo of the BB.

Still need one so if anyone has any ideas please let me know...


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I replaced my ISIS Truvativ with the SKF. Bomb proof. Mtbtandems sells them. I went through 2 Truvativ BBs in 2 years. I've had my SKF for 3 years and still perfect.
It is just a standard ol 113mm spindle ISIS bb, no?

There are still quite a few out there. Fsa makes several. Truvativ makes several. SKF makes a quite nice 9and expensive one).

BTI has the truvativ 'gigapipe sl' bb in 113 in stock (you might need new crank bolts depending on the thread diameter). Your LBS should be able to get this for you (or have them check QBP if they dont have a BTI account). Both distributors have online avialability avialable to your can look through BTI yourself and see what they have in stock (although must be ordered through your LBS)
The deal is that I need the 73mm shell with E-type compatibility for the chain guide that's on the bike. It's a Specialized P.3 if I didn't already say. So it's a 9spd dirt jumper I guess.

I was looking at maybe using BTI Part # TV-2473 or TV-2237...both are 73mm E-Type but have 118mm it's going to push things out just a bit.
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