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705 Unknow Map Icon

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There is an icon I can't identify on my Garmin 705. It is a red box with something like this inside it <T>. The closest thing the Garmin map legend shows is a danger area, but without the red or T. Anyone know?
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Someone mentioned on another forum the <T> icon is danger area for Tides. Still haven't seen any Garmin documentation confirming this. I emailed Garmin but they have yet to reply. Highlighting the icon on the map doesn't provide any info.
This one from MotionBased?
Garmin finally sent me a response. Just like the documentation, they failed to explain it. All they said was that I could put the thumb stick over the symbol and press it for information. Well this only tells me the name of what the symbol is over and not what it is or for.
Got another response from Garmin:

Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Knowing this was a marine
symbol really helped thanks! I checked with our Marine division and they
informed me it was a Tide Station. If your unit supports tide station
information, when you click on the symbol, you will receive detailed
information concerning that tide station.

The purpose of a tide station is to provide data for computing values of
the harmonic and nonharmonic constants essential to tide predictions,
for the determination of tidal datums for charting and for coastal and
marine boundaries and for the monitoring sea level variations. A tide
station symbol is primarily utilized on marine units. Outdoor units will
have some information concerning these stations because they are our
most dynamic units. If you would like more detailed information on that
particular tide station, please provide me with the coordinates for it
and I will research it further for you.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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