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700x32C tire on a Flow rim to use with a trainer?

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Merry Christmas All,

My wife picked up a bike trainer and a Specialized Borough CX 700x32C tire for my mtb for x-mas and I have a few quick questions. Has anyone got the Borough CX to work tubeless? The tire seats quite nice and I was able to pump it up with my floor pump. Another silly question but I assume I need a different size tube (road tube?) if I want to run it with a tube?

My full squish looks a bit different with the road tire on it but I am also looking forward to trying the mtb with road tires on the dry roads once the snow melts.

The end goal I guess is to set up a second set of wheels with the road tires so I don't wear down my off road tires when riding on pavement.

Thanks all and merry christmas.


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That looks kinda funny. Be sure you ride it on the road with your suspension very firm or locked out or you'll be miserable trying to go fast. You can use a normal 2.0+ mtb tube though not recommended because you really have to watch how you stuff that much tube into the tire. Go ahead and pick up a 28-32mm tube, it will weigh much less than the 50mm tube.

No experience with tubeless...
The trainer will trash the tire, so if you plan on riding a lot on the trainer, get a separate road tire.
That carpet will get nasty.
Just get a road tube. I wouldn't trust pumping a mtb tube in that tire to 125psi. I have the same trainer, it's actually pretty nice. The tire will last longer than you think.
Tjaard said:
That carpet will get nasty.
Second that! When I ride on a trainer, there's a puddle under my bike.
Thanks guys, I picked up a tube and I'm good to go now. Good tip on the carpet. I was just setting it up there. I'll have a mat underneath it once I start training.
I just set up one of my old rims with the road tire so I'll be able to swap back and forth now.
I better use it now or else the wife will return it. Come to think of it I haven't returned her elyprical machine that's just sitting in the corner. :D
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