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I just have to say I love riding my bike. I have a 2009 Gary Fisher Cobia 29, and have ridden nearly 10,000km since buying it.

1) I am running 700Cx38 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires constantly inflated to 6 bar.... I love the tires I have only gotten one flat in 5000 m on them with lots of thread left. When I wear these down I may go with the 29 inch version if they add more durability and protection for the wheelset against broken spokes and keeping the rim in true. I know as the tire diameter increases on the bike the weight it supports increases... just a thought.. I just want wheels that never break spokes or need trued...

2) I am a teacher living in china for a decade now.... and I use my bike to commute daily 70-110 km, with a day off a week sometimes.

3) Ive lost a lot of weight, but am still 5'6 and 75 kg if it matters. I have always loaded deuter panier bags on a topeak tourist dx rack if it matters. My bike is not light, but hey I just went from 92 kilograms to 75 kg in 2.5 months so I really care little about the weight of what is on my bike... I know I need to get to at least 65 kg or less... hopefully withing next two months I can be.

4) I dont care about the weight. I want things that are strong and durable.

5) I dont want to buy something that is proprietary and cant be serviced easily... like the crank bros cobalt 29...... I know that no one ever breaks their spokes on them I hear... btu I have learned in China every single thing I have breaks. I am in strange places all the time in this country and havign a broken spoke int he middle of the night commuting somewhere sucks. If you brok spokes on that I would be stuck in hell here as the spokes cant be changed. I have even had other commuters hit my bike once on the way to work breaking two spokes and ****ing me up. I am on a tight schedule and teach like a sweatshop worker. I have strange jobs teaching and the advantage as I take peices of jobs that no one can get jsut because I am able to go from point a to point b like no one else in this city. You couldnt get there in a car, bus , or subway.. but I can on my bike... but when my wheels are ****ed up I mess up many jobs at once... 3 or 4 different jobs in one day... I have little time every week or two to replace spokes and true rims and ride around cared as hell I am going to hit a rut or anything that will break the spokes or screw up the true...

6) If there is a pre built wheel solution, please tell me. I need to look at what I can get in China. I cant afford huge shipping and import taxes in China.... and I dont want to wait 3 months to get wheels.I can get some things, but I need to find out from mtbr what to look for to see what my options are as far as what I can actually get here from my bike people over here.

7) if someone can tell me the best spoke/rim/nibble hub (Does the hub even matter?) combo, I know a guy that I would trust to build the wheelset.

Basically , I need something that is
a) 29 inch
b)durable as hel
c)strong as an ox
d) able to take the burden of my fat ass and loaded bags and merciless riding
e) if and when a spoke ever gets broken, I am able to get a replacement spoke and install it
f) would be nice if I dont have to sell any of my children to buy it...
g) I use my bike like some people use their I dont know what. It is a part of me and I absolutely feed my family with it. IT is a neccesity I fix this issue. ITs not like I am looking for a seat with titanium seat rails or something.

Maybe I can send a picture of my bike soon... I dont think it matters much.. (except you know how everyone on this forum including my self feels that good feeling just seing a icture of a bike)

Thanks for your opinion. I value

ALso, I forgot to mention, I often pull a trailer with my two -three children in it in my spare time. They are 1,3, and 8.... I am pulling the 8 year old less often, but still throw him in there whenever I can. They weigh the average for what kids weigh at that age.
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