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69er conversion: frame recommendation please!

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I'm completely new to this but I'm committed to a 69er or at least a 26/650B conversion. I'm looking at building a simple rigid bike with good geometry. Is there a frame recommendation page? So far I've been looking at bikes with more than 100mm travel on front forks. The couple I'm considereing are Mongoose Amasa Comp and Cannondale F7. Are either of them suitable?

My next next quest would likely be to find a fork that's about an inch and a half shorter, protrudes more and still takes a 29" wheel, but that's for another day.
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Unless the frame is specifically built for a 29" your likely going to jack up your front end more than you'd like, with 650b in front it will raise it ever so slightly but definately not as extremly as the 29" front wheel, a deal breaker IMO. The question is what fork are you planning on running as that will probably be your limfac.
Surly 1x1 works pretty well if you're into SS. Front end will be fine (69er) and you can even get skinny 29ers front & rear
freewill said:
Is there a frame recommendation page?
There are three sticky threads at the top of the page.
For $400 for a Carver frame brand new it's really tough to beat.
Go Carver

I second both the Surly 1x1 and the Carver 96er. Had the 1x1 first and that led me to the Carver that I am riding now. You can always run the carver with a rigid fork, and they build up really light. Some one posted a 20lb Carver in the SS forum not too long ago.
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