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66rc2x on a TransAM; Is this a horrible idea?

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I have a TransAM frame but have not been able to afford the parts to build it up this season.
I'm thinking of decommissioning my Bottle Rocket for the Winter months and use the parts on the TransAM. The only item of question would be the fork. I have an '06 66rc2x, would this combo be a horribly mismatched idea? I've never ridden a TransAM before so wouldn't even know what it's characteristics felt like.
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certainly would change things up, though some folks using 160mm anyway.

Though if you "generalize" and for sake of argument you estimate each inch of travel to be approx a deg of head angle change, the 2006 RC2X (I assume you have the 170mm version), the head angle would change from from the posted I think 68.5 deg head angle at 518mm fork (which I assume means static/unsagged measurement) to then about 67 deg [68.5 - (555mm AC - 518mm AC) / 25.4 ]

However, if you then estimate using this estimated 67 deg static head angle that you will run the 170mm fork using about 25% sag, that would put you in a "riding" head angle of about 68.7 deg which doesnt sound bad to me for such a bike

That's only 10mm taller than my TA with the Lyrik. You can pedal mine around in that setup to see what you think. I don't think the extra 10mm would be that noticeable.

That said, I do leave my fork in the 140-145mm mode most of the time, but there are a few guys running 36 floats on them without issue.


sorry to threadjack but how bout an Specialized E150 fork on a Trans AM? I'm thinking of this bike and have an E150
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