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65mm Sunline V1 AM Stem......

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Anyone running one of these? They look mint but would like to see one mounted and in the flesh, so please help me out, if you own one, post a pic :thumbsup:
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Sorry, couldn't find anything better, but the stem is good, no problems at all.


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Best I have...

65mm version.
'Tis a good stem, not quite as stubby as the sub-70 measurement might lead you to believe.

No, wait - I have two better ones! :D!

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Anyone here have problems with soft bolts? My buddy that runs one had to replace all the bolts...
Many thanks to all, it does indeed look a quality piece of kit and reduced at CRC - bonus!
I just installed one of these stems on my new build, as I wanted the 0 degree rise
(my stem is already on the headset, with a low rise handlebar.)

My previous stem was an FSA Gravity light 70mm, and while I'm going to use the Sunline, I must say that the overall fit and finish of the stem and hardware on the FSA was better.
I ran one for half a season on my AM/FR bike and hated it!! It doesn't hold very well. it twisted on me atleast once a ride. It twisted once when i was going up a steep ladder bridge and stalled out. i grabbed some front break and the bars stayed forward but next thing i knew my front tire was sideways.

my dad and another friend both have had the same problem. it looks like the 34mm clamp area is just too good to be true. We tried cranking them really tight and we even got a torque wrench and dialled it in perfect for what the specs said. Nothing worked.

the only way i would reccomend it is if you are a light rider and not doing anything like jumps, drops, or even really rocky trails.

might as well get a thomson 70mm. it feels about the same and its lighter.
Used to use one of the 65mm on my previous bike.
Don't like the cheesy bolts they came with
and the clamping width is a little too narrow imo.

I would not recommend it if you are going to do some heavy and hardcore riding on it like climbingbubba said above
bummer i was really keen on getting the 50mm one. guess i'll have to stick with truvativ.
I dont know if you got your stem issue worked out but l am sad to report that it does slip. I cranked the bolts down and it slips. As for the bolts, Thomson bolts work great!
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I just bought a 50mm and was about to mount it.

Here's a pic on my old Yeti. I really like this stem, never had an issue with slipping or anything.

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Never had an issue with mine slipping either. I run a 50mm on two of my bikes and hit some pretty rocky trails and drops at least 4-5 feet and never had an issue. I torqued it down exactly to the specs on the stem. Not going to say I'm not thinking about it slipping in the back of my mind though (especially with all the mixed reviews). All being fair, I'm planning on running a different 50mm stem later this month when I go to ride in Spain-I just don't want to deal with anything other than riding my bike while I'm there!
Ran the 65mm version as not too many manufacturers offered that reach. Bolts were soft even when using a torque wrench at the recommended setting. Mind you this was when the stem had just been released so it might have affected only the initial batches. Apparently the issue has since been rectified and judging by what's been written above I'll take it ast Sunline did just that.

Bike shop offered a replacement which I sold off and purchased a Truvativ Hollzfeller stem instead. The TH is a workhouse and has proven its worth despite being a little bland aesthetically (if that's of importance). If you do go this route, try to get the older models with NON open face plate. The grams it saves is not worth the grit and crud that gets trapped in there.
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