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650B Blackbuck an 2.2 Wolverine Tires

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You guys must be sleeping over here:

Check it!
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oops.see below:
the troll killer finds it amusing how certain trolls like to make themselves appear to have knowledge of things before anybody else. the troll killer is certain that we shall soon hear all about how mr. guitar ted invented 650b wheels!

the t-shirt below sums up these trolls pretty well for the troll killer.




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Glad to see you guys are on top of it. Might think about a better title for the thread to help spread the word though.;):rolleyes:

Carry on.........
I think the troll killer needs to get a bit of a thicker skin. ;)
Hey TK, FWIW GTed has helped out the 650B platform at a few points. Though he is a big time 29r fella, he loves this industry and will push items or ideas that have a real potential.
He hasn't spoken poorly about 650B, at least that I have found. Besides opinions are everywhere, and he didn't show up here to talk down about 650B, just drop a line.

TK keep up the good work but in the case I must veto your comment.
Guitar Ted said:
GTed, If it wasn't for your thread title... I wouldn't know about the Wolverine 650b tires. Sure I may have eventually came across it at some point while browsing other 650b threads...

So, I would like to say thanks for posting and sharing! :thumbsup:
Guitar Ted said:
Okay, I can see that the title of my other post is kind of sucky. Maybe I'll change it to make it easier to find. :p
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