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650B Adventure Tourer = capable road/gravel grinder/some singletrack (sort of like a BMW GSA).

I'm currently in the process of making my Soma Doublecross DC into the above mentioned bike. Originally, I had written off 650B as a fad, but I have sipped the koolaid:idea: . I've previously owned a Karate Monkey and liked it for the most part, but felt that the wheels (with anything over 2") were too cumbersome for offroad use. Sold that and built a Crosscheck up and loved riding it, but missed the option for disc breaks. So, I built up the Soma pictured below. While the Velocity Fusions on it are good for paved and gravel road duty, I can't help but think that a 650B wheelset would extend it's offroad capabilitles.

So far, I've purchased a Set of Stan's ZTR 355s in 650B. My biggest dilemma is a tire that would work well. I would like to run tubeless, but it is not a necessity. The Panaracer Fatty Rumpkins look the best so far, but then I saw something about the Pacenti Minimotos and they sound perfect.

I'm curious as to whether there are any other tires I'm missing, or info on the Minimotos.



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