Wouldn't it be Fun to Have the Confidence to Ride Any Trail?

You can reach that level of confidence. All it takes is a commitment to Being The Best Mountain Biker You Can Be.

Have you ever committed to being your best at something? Felt the drive to truly master a craft?

Wouldn't it be fun to rail corners and feel stable and balanced on that steep, rocky trail? To know that you can ride any trail with confidence?

For me, it feels great to know I can ride any trail with confidence, skill, and grace. I still remember the second I realized I could do that. I was 49 years old riding at the Garden Route Trail Park and BAM! I could put my bike where ever I wanted to, my bike and I were working together perfectly, I felt unstoppable. All my practice had paid off, what a feeling!

No, you don't have to try and make it as a pro racer, what about just being the best you can be given your current constraints in life?

I know you have many demands on your time, your career, your kids, your commute, a side hustle, etc. You may feel overwhelmed and feel you have no time to chase your dream, to master your hobby. So you try and squeeze in a little practice time here and there or maybe just give up on practice and just ride when you have the time.

You don't need to quit your job or sacrifice family time, you have the time! It only takes 20 minutes of structured practice three times a week to see BIG progress in your riding.

That's one hour a week!

Seriously, mountain biking is more expensive than golf and quite a bit more dangerous. Wouldn't it be fun to expand your horizons, to confidently ride the trails that currently scare you?

Becoming the best you can be is my definition of winning. It's not too late and you do have the time. If you want it bad enough you will make the time.

Don't wait for Sunday and say: "Darn I really wanted to practice this week but I never got around to it". Schedule in your practice times and commit to becoming the best mountain biker you can be.

I want to help you become your best so I have created skills articles, video tutorials, and of course my three-day courses.

If you are not sure what to practice, start with this article: Hierarchy Of skills

Hierarchy of Skills
: You might not realize that some skills have a much bigger return on investment than others.
Video Cornering Tips
: To corner with more control, efficiency, and speed, read this article and accompanying video tutorials
Manual and weight shift: To get up and over steep ledges study this tutorial.
Mountain Bike Steep Rock Rolls: To ride down steep ledges watch this tutorial: "push down" on the same ledge as above.
Bump Jump
: To float over medium-sized obstacles learn to bump jump here.

You can slowly improve your riding with a little practice and greatly improve your enjoyment with a consistent hour of structured practice every week. So schedule in your three, 20-minute skills sessions each week and start practicing!
For more MTB Skills Tips and Articles go to my BetterRide MTB Blog.

Please share your thoughts and experiences below and feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.