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This was a 6 month project.

Getting parts was a nightmare. The bike got some support from most of the brands involved. Not Santa Cruz. This bike was purchased.

2022 Bronson CC (purchased MSRP) Size Large: Called 30 shops to finally get one. Most shops had no idea what the CC was vs the C. What they had in stock. When stock would arrive. They honestly didn't even care to help find the bike.

Full XTR Kit

Fox 38 Fork

Onyx Hubs (Silent Drive)

Enve Wheels Carbon Mullet with Bars and Stem

Kenda Prototype Tires

Better Bolts Ti Bolt Pro Kit

invisiFrame Custom Wrap

eeWings Cranks (we got 165 for this, that was stupid, get 170mm cranks. 165 suck)

North Shore Rack

Many many many cans of Seltzer.

Link to Build Video HERE


Flame Away.

Bike Weight for those who are interested:

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