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6/25 Dawn Patrol, Longridge [pics]

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starting from Grizzly Flat. I plan on hitting the dirt at 6:30am and finishing no later than 7:45am

anyone else up for some early morning abuse?
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man that was sweet, just me and the critters:thumbsup: hit the trail at 6:20 finished my loops at 7:15,,,,now I have an hour to chill before heading to work ..great way to spend the morning

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norton55 said:
how's the bike?

btw, nice pics.

Getting the feel for the bike. So far I really like it. It climbs well, it,s much lighter than my old ride and it is just flat out fun when you point it downhill.
Nice pics. :thumbsup: Glad you're happy with the new wheels!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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