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I've got a 2003 Heckler with a 5th E coil. Had the bike for a while and generally love it, but I want to dial in my rear suspension. Right now it feels somewhat harsh and I know it could be better!

I ride a med, transblu (good tire clearance on this model)
I am about 180 with gear
I am a trail rider (sans droppage for the most part)

Currently, the shock it set up around SC's suggestions...

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if it is too harsh on small stuff, dial out a little low speed compression dampening.
If it is too harsh on large impacts, dial out the high speed compression.
if it is spiking on g-outs or on drops, make it a little more linear by dialing out the large 16mm bolt.
if it is all-around too harsh, reduce the pressure in the system. 150psi is super platform whereas 60psi is almost no platform. Reduce in small increments, say 10psi per time.
if it is bottoming harshness, dial in the high speed compression or make it more progressive by adding air or dialing in the large 16mm bolt.

generally I like to adjust 1/2 turns on all bolt adjustments. Bring a 4mm wrench with you and be sure to record where you started because a few tinkerings and you could really mess it up a lot.

Also do one adjustment at a time. Ride it. Then determine whether you should make more of the same adjustment or whether you should make a different adjustment. I actually have tallied the various adjustments that I do and make the occasional adjustment for rides that require specific properties. I do this long road climb then a serious technical descent ride a lot and I usually run higher pressure for the road, but also turn in the progression for the descent to better handle drops and unforeseen technical sections. I also do an air pressure change at the top of the hill.
I also occasionally ride this bike on a fast smooth trail so I usually dial in a more high speed compression and make the shock more linear and run max pressure so that the ride is stiff to big g-outs but has real good traction on the smooth surface.

I ride a bullit but it is essentially the same thing with the shock and adjustments.

good luck.
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