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575 with 160mm fork or asr-7? So torn...

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Hey all! I've been riding an 07 575 since it was new and have really enjoyed it. I like how fast and nimble it is on CC type rides (what I ride 95% of the time), I can flick it where I want it easily and it moves pretty fast on most of the stuff I ride. But I think it's getting to be time to replace it.

But then I screwed up and went to a Yeti demo day and rode their new bikes :)

I rode the new 575 with a 140mm fork on it and could for sure tell it was stiffer (I'm 200 lbs), I didn't realize my 07 flexed like it did until I rode the new one. I liked that a lot and it felt a lot like my 575, light, fast, flickable. Then I rode the 7, I felt way more confident going over drops I normally take, it pedaled well, of course it smoothed out the ride a lot and was a blast to ride- the part that bummed me out about it was it just wasn't as fast or nimble as the 575. I understand that it won't be.

So here's my dilema, I'm one of the faster riders in our group and being on a slower bike for CC riding won't be a problem, but I missed the fast and nimble feel of the 575 when on the 7. So would a new 575 with a 160mm fork fall in between the two or is that just wishful thinking? What can you all compare? What would you recommend?

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By replacing your fork that does not fix the rear end flex issue. I am your same size and similar riding partners. I would not have fun riding with them on my 575. I bought a Giant Reign last year and stock they were the same speed on a fixed loop, but with upgrades is is a bit slower and funner. Float 36, SLX double and Conti RQ 2.4. Do not ever hit my bb on logs anymore and the 36T front ring limits my overall speed to how fast I can spin my legs.

I switched cause the bike was flexy, I cracked 2 frames that were replaced under warranty and I wanted something that climbed better (both seated and standing). If I go someplace that I do not know the trails with faster people I will bring the 575.


I rode the 575 for a couple of years with a 140mm Pike, then later switched to a 160mm Lyrik. I didn't notice much if any loss of cornering ability, but the pedal strikes disappeared completely. Still, I eventually migrated first to the AS-X then recently to the 7.

I'm still getting used to the 7, so I can't really say if it's less nimble than the 575. Over the weekend I was braking too hard going into the turns and having to power out to stay with the group, but I think I just haven't committed the response of the longer fork to muscle memory yet. In a couple of weeks, I'll probably swear the 7 is the more nimble ride :)

As for flex, yea, my 06 575 always seemed too flexy. The AS-X and 7 don't.
For me it would come down to trail/all-mountain bike or freeride bike. The 08/09 575 with a 160 fork is a very capable bike at both climbing and descending. The new 7 with a 160 fork really starts to push past all-mountain to FR. If you ride lots of shuttles or chairs the 7 would be a great choice. If you climb for most or all of your descents then I'd get a new 575 with a 160 fork.
Scott, do you think the 7 is that much more of a bike than the 575, I took it that it was more like a 575 for a big bloke? Do you think it is more of a descent based bike that can also climb? What about drops etc, will it cope with stuff that is way to big for the 575? how does it compare to the ASX? Thanks
I put a 160mm fork on my 08 575 pretty recently and I'm absolutely loving it. I always loved the bike but I'm really stoked on the 160mm fork. The 7 looks cool and all... but I have never found myself wanting more rear wheel travel on the 575 (which seems to me like the only real advantage the 7 has over the 575 as the 7 is supposed to be used with a 160mm fork too)... front felt a little undergunned at times before but nothing too bad (I do a fair amount of shuttling with it and have raced it in DH races). With the bigger fork it feels amazing. Doesn't feel like I really compromised XC ability either... travel adjust is an amazing thing. I got within a minute of my best time ever on a local hill climb with it (a time I set on a 23 lb xc race bike).

I have a 8 inch travel DH bike too and honestly I'm way faster on the 575. It feels just as confident on drops, corners, etc... but it sprints up to speed way faster and has that quick, nimble feeling without getting twitchy. I'll probably sell the DH bike just because the 575 can handle anything I throw at it and it's just simply more fun to ride.

As for what it can handle... I've taken it off 6-7 ft drops with no issues. This bike can take much more then I can throw at it. That being said... I am only about 145 lbs, so take that with a grain of salt.
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