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575 rp23 noisey

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Does anybody elses rp23 make a clicking/rattle over small bumps.It does my head in!! Is this normal?? or is there a cure.Or is it just me!:confused:
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Either it's faulty or...'s you.
I never heard any noise from my RP23.
575 rp23 noisey
The only noise my rp23 ever made was squeaking and farting. Check your shock mount/dog bone bolts, if you're bike is fairly new there is a good chance they have loosened up.
I had a RP3 that did this and it drove me nuts. I got it replaced under warranty. I couldn't work out where the sound was coming from until I removed te shock and 'cycled' it with no air in it.

My RP23 does it, but I rarely notice it on the trail. I think it is the propedal valve opening/closing. Does the sound reduce with PP off?
My RP23 had a similar sound on very small stutter bumps under load, it was worse with the PP on, turned out to be Fox Racing legendary poor quality control and was an ill fitting glide ring on the piston...

I have now had the shock pushed and it works much better and doesn't make me wear ear plugs.

Between my friends and my own Fox products I haven't been very impressed (creaky stantions on forks as the legs come loose from the fork crown seems to be far to common for my liking)
my 08 RP23 squeaks with PP on but dosent with it off, my rear brake makes a braying donkey noise after prolonged braking :( and my BB or chain in granny ring has started to make a clicking noise when pushing hard with the left foot :( we should get rolf harris to write a song
miggy said:
we should get rolf harris to write a song
arrrgh my ears!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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