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I just received a new 575 frame and the headtube Yeti logo badge on the headtube seems loose. Has anyone else had this issue? It seems petty to return to the online retailer for this, but I wasn't sure if the two "pins" can come out.

Would it be possible to adhere these from the inside of the headtube? It shouldn't obstruct the headset or steer tube. Solder? Super glue?

Help me out. I've only had decal logos on the head tube in the past. Give me some suggestions so I can get this thing built and post some pics.

GS Ken

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I don't think it's actually 'pinned' into the frame...It's probably just faux pinned, like with double sided sticky tape.

Or glued???

You might be able to tell from looking into the headtube and see if there's anything that looks like pins. I don't remember seeing anything that looked like pins in mine.


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Take it is a petty concern until you figure the cost of the frame into the equation.

Some people will disagree about bothering the lbs with such a complaint but I feel the exact opposite. I expect a high dollar product to show signs of quality, others might think this is being petty, not me.

Get it fixed by the people who sold it to you.......then... be happy that customer service still exists in this country (usa? i presume?)....then... ride like a mofo!

:D :D :D

Edit: I just re-read your post and see you bought online...return it if its snowing and you aren't going to ride anyhow, otherwise I would make a call to them to show your concern and ask advice on how to affix it yourself. Gotta keep riding ya know..

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Take a hammer and tap them in. They will stay tight without any loctite, but you could do both for safe measure. There are indeed two holes in your head tube for the pins, they look like a screw with elongated threads that bind in place. They are pewter I beleive or another really soft metal that holds it's place very well in the aluminum.
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