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575 Axial to headset optimum

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I have a 2005 Pushed Revalation and as a 130mm fork I noticed a pretty steep head angle (can anyone tell me what it might be or the axial to headset cup measurement?) and plenty of peddle strikes, I am thinking about upgrading to the 150mm talas but again not sure what the head angle will turn out to be?

I demoed a lapeire 514 that had a 68deg head angle which felt much more confidence inspiring the fox float up front seemd to be more active and forgiving.

I already have a hope +3mm lower head cup on it to stop the MoCo hitting the hose guides,
what I dont want to do is spend £826 pounds=$1316 (yes thats how much they are here) and be disapointed with the most relaxed head angle the talas will give and wish I hadnt spend all that cash. :confused:
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