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Yeti 575 650B 2014 - Linkage Design

I thought this was pretty interesting. Yeti did their homework, it seems, with the new 27.5" version of the 575. The updated suspension (pivot location etc) seems to be a significant improvement.

The linkage design website is originally in spanish, but runs through a google translator. Some of the translation is quite funky (sometimes the word "boxes" is inserted instead of "frames", for instance). But if you are a tech nerd then you can't help but find this stuff fascinating. Lots of good comparisons and analysis of lots of brands/models (links on right side of page), and also tutorials on suspension design/performance.

The link/article isn't exactly new (Oct 2013), but I hadn't seen it before. Maybe one or two of you Yeti freaks will find it interesting too.
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