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Last year while riding at Mountain Creek bike park for my second day of the DH season, I took a hit to my upper left back and tore 2 of 4 tendons in my rotator cuff and detached 1 tendon from my bicep. Unfortunately it was on an intermediate flow trail and the chain guide failed.

My season was declared over by the orthopedic Dr who saw the MRI results. He claimed it was one of the top 5 he's seen, but don't they always say that? The accident was on June 3rd and surgery was scheduled for July 9th. 7 weeks in a sling for 23 1/2hrs a day made me learn to do things right-handed. Yep, even wipe my ass (since that's the most common question). It wasn't painful at all. I only took 3 percocets because the doctors, nurses and assistants repeatedly told me to. But it wasn't painful at all. Seriously.

I finally got the arm out of the sling at the end of August. But this didn't free me that much. I could now lift "nothing heavier than a cup of water". PT started and I couldn't believe how little my arm moved. It was FRUSTRATING for sure, but not painful. It took 3 weeks to just be able to "assist" my arm with a golf club, while laying down, to stretch above my head. 5 months after surgery I was released to go back to work for light duty. I couldn't lift anything over 5lbs. But I was happy because it was more than PT offered by actually using my upper body and arms for 8hrs a day. 6 weeks later, the second week of December, I was cleared to go back to work full time. It was just in time for ski season! Therapy continued until January and then my sessions ran out. Fortunately I had the basement set up to continue PT.

I did my first ride on March 8th on the rail trail with my 2 1/2 year old son "Lil Bear" in the Burley trailer.

I've been riding since, but couldn't wait to get back on the DH bike!

FINALLY! Last Sunday, 51 weeks later, I was back at Creek riding! The first run? Breakout. The trail that my chain guide catastrophe happened on that finished my year. I met up with a bunch of friends to ride with. Even people that I recognize but don't "know" we're asking where I've been and how I'm doing. It felt good to be back on the bike and better to be noticed by so many people!

After Jeff left, Andrew had to leave next. This left Ringgo and myself to hit the "real DH" trails! Usually we hit them in the morning and then the flowy trails later. But not today. We tried a new trail called "Bob Gnarly" and took it to "Evil Bob" or "Sideshow Bob". Steep, washed out shoots with wet rock slabs covered in roots and loose fist sized rocks that change the trail every time you ride it. There's some 1-1 1/2' step-downs and some off-camber parts too. No toe taps and 100%cleaned it! Man, this is what I always love to ride!

If you'll be at Creek this year, let me know and we can do a run!

It feels good to be back. Ttyl, Fahn
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