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5010 v1 CC - Rockshox Monarch service / upgrade questions

My 5010 v1 CC came ex-demo from shop and supplied with a Rockshox Monarch Debonair RT (shop swapped it from standard at some point I believe).

Couple of questions:

Is the air can service kit is specific to certain models or is a "RockShox Monarch DebonAir Air Can service kit" universal for any year? Part number is listed as 00.4315.032.540 and some sites don't specify model and some mention a year, like 2015-2016. I'm not sure on mine, though I got it in 2016 but the shock might be older.

Also, the tune labelled appears to say L/L/-/320 on the sticker though it's a bit battered. Various posts suggest M/M for the 5010 v1 though? Is that an issue? Always felt good to me, or would it be even better with the "correct" tune?

Though was looking at TF Tuned for service kits and keep hovering over a 2018 Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair they have. TF would set it up right for the bike, my weight and riding style as a bonus. Tempting :D

Would a Plus RC3 Debonair be much different to the Debonair RT for a 5010?

Anyway, from these pics, can anyone identify the rough year range, and confirm it's L/L (and what '-/320' means)?

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