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5010 to larger 29

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I have a 2016 5010 that I love. However, 1, i would love to be more confident on steeps, and 2, it's long in the tooth and depreciation might accelerate soon.

I'm looking at 29 trail. Stump EVO (demoed), transition sentinel, canyon spectral, etc. On the Evo, enjoyed overall a lot and still need to adjust my style to fit. Kinda felt the rear was stiffer than my 5010 which isn't what I expected, maybe was over aired. Loved 29 front, though rear wheel got in way a little. Lastly i missed the agility of 5010... I wonder if I should size down (6'2 from s5 to s4) though that might not help my steep performance. Also like idea of mullet.

Long story short, I liked her, and would probably love her is she were mine 🤷‍♂️. I find it hard to love new bikes wheb I demo since I am so adapted to my 5010. But I'm sure that I would adapt

I'm willing to pay 6k but would love to spend less

1. Go with Evo. Expert likely or maybe comp.

2. I have my eyes on 2021 lightly used custom s works with AXS for same price. More than I need and worried about warranty but I like it!

3. Keep looking. It will be hard to demo other options, so may need to choose off reviews.

4. What if I invest some more love in 5010? People seem happy adding a 140 fork and seems the geo change isn't sever and might be good. I could up the brakes too and add light wheels.

Thanks in advance!
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I like the sounds of the Occum, but t
I haven't tried HT, good call.

I'm also realizing with my opposite needs, adding option 5: n+1 bikes! I can keep 5010 for play/pop, and get something plusher/longer for tech days (not not worry whether I can pop). to fit budget maybe I go with Alloy.
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