When one sees Brandon Semenuk's winning run, it masks the dangers of the event as Brandon does everything so cleanly. He masks the perils of those cliffs as he makes it looks easy like a manicured slopestyle course at Whistler's signature slopestyle event. But these are the cliffs of Utah. The elements are unpredictable especially the wind and the dirt conditions. And the winning lines usually entail the riskiest tricks with runways that may not have optimal speed to clear those jumps.

Of course Redbull is not going to make glamorous edits of these crashes but we found a few clips on youtube that reveal biggest crashes of the 2021 event.

#5 - Andreu Lacondeguy - Overshoots jump in practice and is not able to compete

"I wish that I would never had to post this but it is what it is. I had a terrible crash last night on my first practice for Rampage. I over jumped a technical section of my line and ended up hitting the ground harder than I ever did. Gonna get surgery early next week to get all fixed and I hope I can start moving in the next 3 days. This is one of the most painful moments of my career, mentally and physically, the broken bones hurt but not being able to ride the event after all I been through this last year is what hurts the most.

I Want to thank my team @lluislacondeguy @markmtbmcclure for all the hard work and all the help , also big thanks to @h5events and his medical team for getting me out of the mountain in one piece, also huge thanks to all the riders and diggers for the help and kind messages, I wish you all the best on the next days and I hope everything works out for you guys."

—Andreu Lacondeguy

#4 - Vincent Tupin - comes up short on a drop
"Not the kind of clip I wanted to share after #redbullrampage Final. Very lucky to walk away from this without any injury. Went too long on this drop the day before and slow too much during my run. Congrats to all the riders and friends, had the best time during the week! Thank you for all the messages 🙏"
- VinnyT

#3 - Carson Storch - comes up short on a huge
Well… unfortunately I broke my collarbone again guinea pigging my big drop today. Pretty gutted to not be competing tomorrow. But I’m grateful I didn’t get more hurt, or get concussed. @GiroCycling new helmet honestly saved my head. This event is one of the most mentally and physically demanding ever, and sometimes this is just the way she goes. Gonna keep my head up and stoked to watch the boys put on a show tomorrow Can’t wait to get back on the bike already.
- Carson Storch

#2 - Brage Vestavik - comes up short on a massive drop
"Life’s too short not to go big, gotta go big! Dislocated shoulder and some humerus fractures. Thank you everyone for all the love!!"
- Brage Vestavik

Injuries include:
  • dislocated shoulder
  • multiple humerus fractures (upper arm bone)

#1 - Tom van Steenbergen overshoots backflip after a mind-blowing front flip

This was a crushing crash for Tom van Steenbergen after he landed one of the most incredible tricks in Rampage history. It seems like he just going too fast and he lost his bearings and executed a backflip well but way too fast and too far. The list of injuries seems devastating at best and it required 8 hours of surgery.

“I’ve received hundreds of amazing messages from you guys, and I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart,” wrote van Steenbergen, adding the red heart emoji. “Feeling extremely lucky to be able to make a full recovery after that horrible slam. Going in for a long surgery tomorrow.”

“Just finished a successful eight-hour surgery,” he said. “My left hip was a lot worse than they thought (shattered) but the plates and screws are in. Now it’s time to recover. Can’t believe I held my trophy up for the first time in the hospital bed. I’ll be back for my redemption.”

- Tom van Steenbergen

Injuries include:
  • broken left and right hip sockets into multiple pieces
  • broken top femur
  • broken lower vertebrae
  • separated shoulder

Obviously, some of these videos are difficult to watch especially if you know these riders personally. It's very bad this year but it could have been worse. The drops these guys are doing are insane and the consequences seem way too high. These big events seem like a freight train only headed in one direction and it seems like a very difficult and dangerous time for the riders in this profession.

Our article on the winning runs is here: Semenuk becomes Red Bull Rampage's first four-time...

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Before Tom's crash, he pulled off a huge front flip that earned him Best Trick of Redbull Rampage 2021