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Looking at refurbing my 2004 5-Spot.It is powder coated black including the rear triangle.
Now starting to look tatty.Want to get the back end polished but still undecided on a colour for the front triangle.Was inspired by the blue on the new DW link spot then orange and then the beautiful Granny apple green! Show me your favourite coloured Turners! Might inspire me or confuse me but let me see them!
Thanx Max

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candy blue on my rfx in its natural enviornment. i love this color with the way it pops in all kinds of light and how it seems to blend diff parts colors together. im resisting havin all future turners painted the same. so far its workin but tough to do.

smoke black on my dhr in a rare outside moment after a short run before winter hit us square in the nuts. this was a experiment. i thought all the edges and angles would really make this color come alive and i was right. candycorn liked it so much her new/used stinger is gettin the same but with a polished rear, stickerless and all back and polished parts. should be a cool look and i hope its done before krismiss.


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mines blue too!

CC, that couch shot definitely sets the bar. The only thing missing is some elevator music and cheap wine. Funny, I don't see candycorn:confused:

on topic---I just did a rocker/SS mod on my RFX to correct some geo issues. Not quite sure of the exact color. I suppose it could have looked like CC's at some point.

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