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Since getting my 5 Spot three months ago I have enjoyed riding more than ever so I decided to challenge myself and do the Laramie Enduro 111K this past Sunday. My goals for the race were the following:
1) finish the race in one piece
2) go as fast as possible on all downhills :)
3) have fun

I did accomplish all of my goals and learned a lot about endurance racing. I got some interesting looks from the "Ti hardtail guys" at the starting line and on the course but everyone was very friendly. The most frequesnt comment I got out on the course was "I bet that thing is fun on the downhills". My "race" setup was simply changing from Kenda Blue Groove 2.35s to Kenda Blue Groove 2.1s. I ran the Romic coil, an 05' Vanilla up front, and my normal 22-32 chainrings & bashguard. The bike performed great and I was able to take advantage of all of the travel on several rocky downhill sections. As an added bonus, many of the double-track descents had 2-3' "bumps" in them that were great fun to launch off of. It is proper race etiquette to yell "Yahoooo" while in the air right? I never felt at a disadvantage due to the bike, only due to my fitness level.

I would also like to note that this was an extremely well run event and a great course. For 69 miles we never rode the same piece of trail twice. I didn't see any other Turners there so next year it would be great to have a bit more Turner representation. I will definitely do the Laramie Enduro again next year.
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