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The wheels of progress roll onward, upward, and then downhill, which is what keeps those smiles stuck on our faces after every ride. This year looks to be packed with cool new tech, and while we can't guarantee the staying power of anything new in the cycling world, we think these five items will be just as cool in 12 months as they are now.

Box One PushPush Shifter

Box One Component's PushPush Shifter. Photo courtesy of Art's Cyclery​

1. Box One PushPush Shifter and 11-Speed Rear Derailleur

Widespread acceptance of single-ring, wide range drivetrains has made it easier for upstart companies to break into the market currently dominated by SRAM and Shimano. Box One's PushPush shifter and derailleur combo presents a fresh take on the ergonomics of shifting, enabling you to always keep a finger on the brake lever and execute a shift, up or down, as soon as you think about it.

MRP Ramp Control Cartridges

Extend your fork's compression tuning range with the easily installable MRP Ramp Control Cartridge.​

2. MRP Ramp Control Cartridge

Used to be, in order to get a pro-level tune dialed in for your weight and riding style, you had to send your fork off to be tinkered with: both inconvenient and expensive. Now, the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge makes setting up your fork perfectly for the way you ride attainable without involving UPS. It's easy to install and is available for select Fox and RockShox forks.

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27.5+ Tires

Wide tires, wide smiles. Photo courtesy of Art's Cyclery​

3. Wide (But Not Too Wide) Tires

Yes, fat bikes and their 4"-5"tires have their place, and it's a very, uh, narrow place, with quite a limited area of usefulness. Mid-fat or plus tires, however, are good just about everywhere you'd ride a suspended mountain bike. 27.5+ tire offerings from Maxxis, Onza, Schwalbe, Specialized, and WTB all weigh about as much as a trail-oriented 29″ tire and offer plenty of forgiveness, traction, and playfulness.

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SRAM Eagle X01

SRAM Eagle X01, 1x12, 50 tooth cog. Go almost anywhere with a one-by! Photo courtesy of Art's Cyclery​

4. SRAM Eagle 1x12 Drivetrain

From the manufacturer who brought us the first complete 1×11 factory drivetrain to market comes the first 1×12 factory drivetrain: SRAM Eagle 12-Speed. With a 50-tooth cassette cog, and a small cog that's a tiny 10 teeth, we doubt you'll miss your front derailleur at all.

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5. Specialized Turbo Levo

It's not a component, but it has components… As a retailer, since e-bikes are illegal on our local MTB trails, we really don't have a dog in this emotional fight. But, from what we see, e-bikes are only going to become more common. Whether they end up being used in the "privacy" of ski resorts in the summer, or laws are rewritten allowing them on public non-motorized vehicle trails has yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: they are here to stay.

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