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5 "9" 29 inseam small or medium Giant Reign 0

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No specific answers for this thought id ask, just starting they have great deal on 2008 reign 0, i demoed the medium giant FS (anthem i think 2010) in medium demo guy had to cut seat post bike felt sort of big to me (newbie) he was about same height and said he rides small FS.Is the Reign small and medium THAT diferent need all the help i can get before this big ourchase, they only have the sale deal in the small (16) any feedback would be appreciated
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Probably a small

I'm the same height and inseam, and almost every bike I've had has been a small or 16" frame. Obviously every bike is going to be different, but my guess is that from the perspective of standover (and probably overall fit in general), the small is going to be the way to go.

About the same size as you and have bikes in varying sizes from 16 to 20" seat tube lengths. Depends on a few things like, the geometry of the bike, it's intended use, what you like. I like my hard tails on the smaller side, FS and road bikes bigger but again, it depends on the bikes geometry. My 5'4" wife's ht Cannondale is the same seat tube length as my ht Jamis, both xc, same year, with just about the same size stem, yet her bike fits her well and is too cramped for me even if I move the saddle. Since you're a self proclaimed "newbie", and are asking, so you don't know what you like or want, you should just get fitted at LBS, and go with that, unless you don't trust them then you should go some where else right from the get-go. To some extent you'll get used to what you get, if within range, and that'll be, most likely, what you learn to like. It's not unusual to cut the seatpost for a proper fit if the seat post is stupid long. You can also adjust the for/aft of the saddle, as well as the up/down, and turning the handle bars will increase/decrease cockpit size if they're riser bars. If a bike is close to feeling comfy, after making those previously mentioned adjustments, try to get the shop to change the stem to one better for you for the same price and keep the old one incase you change your mind once you ride a bit. Think when you first start riding, you'll wanna be more upright and looking forward, and once you get into better mtb shape and more skilled, you'll wanna be lower and more aggresive.
My .02, Oh and welcome to the site!
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Thanks guys i really appreciate the feedback :) :) keep em coming learning alot on this sight
Not sure if you're still debating, go with the medium...

You can make a bike feel smaller easier than making it feel bigger...
Go medium. I have short legs and a long torso and at only 5'6" I ride a medium Trance and it fits me so much better than my small Yukon.
Short legs - long torso - bigger frame, I would think. Easier to lower the post the to stretch the cockpit.

That is unless it is not enough clearance for an adjustable seatpost - but then there are 75mm models around, that should be enough.
I am 5'8" and a 29 inseam, when I was at the lbs I looked at 17" and 15.5" frames, and I felt more comfortable with the 15.5"...i don't know if the G2 geometry made a difference because I got a trek/fisher wahoo, but I got the 15.5" assembled and tested it, but I felt like I needed to stretch my arms a little more so my lbs threw on a longer stem to extend the cockpit just a little and it feels great!! My advice is to see about test riding the sizes if you can, and maybe you just need a little adjustment like a bar stem?
Umm, guys, think Ozrod, the thread starter who was askin', hasn't been here since February.
Oh geez I didn't even notice how far back that got dug up from!!! Can this be closed? Sorry about that!
Nah, someone else might find good info in it. It's a good lesson in going to sit on or pedal a bike around before you buy though. 5'6 here and smalls(in general) are way too cramped, mediums feel perfect. It's different for everyone and every bike model.
While frame size involves a number of factors, I find that in most cases, particularly with hardtail frames, in which the geometry has been pretty much evolved to near perfection, a person with a 29" inseam could go with a small or medium really depends on whether the rider is more comfortable with one or the other. That said, there is one "small" detail that many rarely discuss, particularly LBS's, and that is the fit of the crankset. With a 29" inseam, make sure you get a 170mm crank; so many bikes, low to uber high priced seem to come with 175mm cranks as standard, and that is just wrong, IMHO. A formula I have always used and recommend for new buyers when it comes to getting the appropriate sized crank is....

L(mm) = 5.48 x I (inseam in inches)

So, for example, 5.48 x 29 = 158.92. Seeing as I am not aware of readily purchasing a mtb crank in a 160mm length (unless you go for some of the high dollar XTR's which can be had in 165mm), I would say that a 170mm crank would be infinitely more appropriate then the for whatever reason it's always installed OEM 175mm crank arm length. Just my dos centavos and opinion.;)
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Thanks for this post. I am 5'9 with a 30" inseam. I am also in the market for my first "real" bike. Good info here.
I'm 5'9 with a 29" inseam but with a long torso. I always ride 16.5" to 18" frames, usually 17". Stand over height is not as important as how the bike fits when you are riding.
Your right about that, standover is ONLY important when you stop, hahaha One good hit and standover will be VERY important.
Your right about that, standover is ONLY important when you stop, hahaha One good hit and standover will be VERY important.
Hasn't stopped me from riding a 29er. As as I can get enough of my foot on the ground without getting crushed I'm okay :thumbsup: So far so good
Hello Everyone,

I am planning on ordering a Windsor Cliff 4900 17" or 19" today and I need to know the right size for me. I have not ridden a bicycle in nine years. I am 28 years old and have been driving for transportation and dirt biking for fun since then.

I am 5' 7.5" inches tall, 30 pant inseam, 31.5 bike inseam I think, per the sierratradingpost bike-fit-guide that I am not allowed to link to due to my newbie status. That website says 17" mtb, but I wanted a second opinion.

My Dad has a 19" Specialized Crossroads road bike with 27.5" inch / 700mm tires that if I can pretend it is a mountain bike for the sake of measurements is a bit big for me. I know road bikes should be bigger than mountain bikes but his is still a tad big for me even on the road. I think an 18" would be my fit for that bike.

My old Huffy is 19" from the center of the crank to the top of the frame's seat tube. It has 26" wheels. Being that it seems smaller than his bike I think I am basing my measurement on the wrong part, and I don't have access to either bike right now to double check it. It does have a wider wheel base and smaller wheels which might be part of the issue.

My comfortable stand over height is a max of about 30"-31". So either the 17" or 19" Windsor should work for me.

Should I get the 17" or the 19" model?

size chart for that bike: windsorbicycles /cliff Hopefully this does not break the no linking for newbs rule.
and for info on that bike bikesdirect products/windsor/windsor_cliff4900

Edit to add: I tend to ride for over an hour, and prefer a more upright position. With the seat almost level with the bars, not higher like most people.

Thank you everyone for your help,

Dustin Doyle
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I'm your size. You could go with either but I ride a 17.5. I prefer the smaller frame because I'm more comfortable and feel that the bike works with me whereas the larger frame makes me feel like I’m continuously trying to wrestle it around. BUT I also do a lot of technical riding so that also has some influence on how it feels to me. Not having the opportunity to ride them you are at a little disadvantage

Either bike should work for you after you spend some time dialing it in - most importantly, have fun!
My comfortable stand over height is a max of about 30"-31". So either the 17" or 19" Windsor should work for me.
I would think the 19'' would seem gigantic for a mountain bike. Remember, the 17'' would have a shorter top tube too, that's more important than standover height.

See if you can find similar sized bikes at the LBS and take them for a ride to see which you feel more comfortable on. It's the only good way to find out. I'm 5'9'' and I've ridden sizes from XS to M on different bikes and they've all been a good fit for what they were.
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