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5.5 rear brake housing hang..any solution?

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Did anyone have a similar problem with there rear disc brake housing hang after a few downhill bumps? Its not a concern but it bother me when pedaling( it rub my left leg). Any solution or suggestion? Thx
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I had the same problem. Solved by putting a zip-tie around it and the rear derailleur housing, now they bow upwards rather than outwards.
Try this

You may have too much housing. I trimmed my housing so that it is almost totally tight when I am not on the bike (almost meaning just enough slack so the cable housing will not break when the suspension is unloaded) I never notice it getting in the way. When I am on the bike and sag is correct, there is a nice bend in the housing and it stays out of the way. Luckily I am running Avid Cable discs so this is easy to adjust, if you are running Hydro discs you will have to bleed and do all that other fun stuff. I will soon be rocking hydro breaks though.

Hope that helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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