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Not sure if anyone’s familiar with the 24 hour race at7 springs; coming up this Labor Day weekend. It’s a great event and an unbelievable course. As things happen, one of the guys we rode with last year can’t make it, and we’re looking for a 4th wheel.

If you think you may have some interest, read on…

Event Date: Sept. 4th-5th, noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Registration cutoff is next Friday (August27th).

Website:, click on special events, then the 24 hr race

Location: Seven Springs is located approximately one hour's drive southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. It is easily accessible off exits 91 or 110 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Your team: we’re 3 guys, ages 42-45, all raced 7-springs last year, never placed on the podium, but we have a great time trying (actually placed 4th last year in the sport class). Everybody’s pretty laid back and loves to ride, especially this course. It’s all about supporting each other, having a good time, and trying your best.

Logistics: We set up a DeLux camp site last year, right next to the course: tents, canopies, and gas stoves; a true home away from home. Showers, etc… are also available.

Team category: 4-person—Sport Male. No age separation in this category, so you can be 18 or 88.

Course: You name it, it has it: great downhills, twisty windy single track, switchbacks, rock gardens, uphill climb at the end…it looks scary, but it’s mostly fire road. Check the web site out for detailed info.

If you’re interested, or if you have any questions, drop me a line.
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