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4th of July Pump track work/camping in showlow

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Hey guys.. I'm heading up to the ranch this weekend outside of showlow to continue work on our pump track and dirt jumps. So far matty and I have about 3-5 jumps built and a gnarly berm, plus we still have an acre or two to play with. I've got a backhoe to lug all the dirt, just need help shaping the dirt into something that we can use. The ranch has power and a shower so if you wanna stay for the weekend there is plenty of room to camp out. Other than building jumps, we can 4x4 at night (or during the day) and various other things. Let me know if you wanna head up with me and ill give you directions!

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Here is a link to the exact point where we are building and it shows you how much room we have to play with (a truck ton) and the ranch where we camp is just north of it.,-109.899813&spn=0.002245,0.004748&t=h&z=18

looks like maybe rain this weekend.. i'll be movin mud!
mmmm mud. Would be fun and nice change. Lady just picked up a nother gig on Sun. Get some of those obstacles dragged down there to jib and drop off of. Don't forget the Fiero jump.

Hey you want to try and make this Globe shuttle on Fri
Holy F. got a lot of work done this weekend. Was hoping for more rain but none till the ride home!

Heres some pics of the work I did this weekend... Look for an event up at the ranch real real soon!

First jump- hugeee table top

Ohhh choices, big double or transition to berm jump?!

Berm still needs to be shaped and packed in.

Jump out of the berm. (landing still needs to be shaped as well as the other berm going out of it)

Landing for the double and part of the landing for the transition into the berm

Side view

View from atop the huge table

Gonna tarp this frame to have shade to rest in.

Still needs lots of work. Matty and I have been shaping it up like crazy.
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Theres a small mountain that we are going to start cutting up as well for some downhill trails that lead into our dirt jumps woo.
Looking good! I hope to have some free time in early Aug.
Looking good guys!!! You all gonna be up there this weekend? I might have an hour or two to lend a hand...
Unfortunatley we have to stay in town this weekend. Planning on having a big build & ride event second week of august. 8/7,8/8 and 8/9

I'll keep you guys in the loop :)
Here's a pic for better reference to Sunrise. I was playing on google earth and it was able to map out a driving rout of 57 miles to sunrise. It's about 34 as the crow flies.

We need to get it built up so we can have a sweet event.
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