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4th of July in Steamboat - need ride suggestions

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Hey all me and the wifey are going to go to Steamboat for the 4 day weekend and need some riding and camping sugestions. Normally we do Crusty Butt, however we want to try someplace new.

She is decent technical rider, can descend all of Hall except the "Step" but ride legth is our biggest concern. Reno - Flag - Bear - Dead man (CB) was way too long for her, I think the threatened divorce after that ride.

I've looked on the trails review section and found the Hot springs trail that looks interesting and possible enough to make longer rides out of and the creek side loop also looks good for an afternoon ride (from the desciption looks kinda like lower upper/ upper upper in CB)

Any way, any advice on rides to do or NOT do would be apperieated.
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From the top of Rabbit Ears Pass there is a trail which runs along the continental divide up to Fish Creek Falls and beyond. It was a beautiful trail with dense wooded sections, open alpine meadows and tons of mountain ponds. The trail was moderately technical in a few short sections but mostly it was a cruiser with only small climbs and great high altitude scenery. One of the sections was Dumont Lake to Round Lake I believe but we pedaled up to the Dumont Lake trailhead.

There is a Lattitude 40 map of the area and Tom Barnhart has Steamboat Single Tracks book which my GF and I picked up when we were in town. Have fun.
There is a section of trials in steamboat called emerald mountain, I believe that is the name. Anyway it starts at a park, where the winter slalom course is. Take the jeep road up to the top and the trails all fall off to the right. There is a loop trail to the left but it is pretty lame, do the trails to the right. There are many and they all intersect each other at some point. You can do as many or as little miles as you want. Whenever you are tired, just take a trail that starts heading to the jeep road. From what I have found most of the bike shops in town are not very friendly, but they will mention this area. The park is right in the middle of town on the south side. Cross railroad tracks and turn right. The jeep road starts going up right by a ballfield I believe. It was a fun area to play around in.
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