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4th of July / Icicle Ridge Conditions

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The fabled route...

What's the word?
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Awesome! Armando, Josh and I were up there saturday.
Conditions were primo! Well, brush was a little thick in spots, but a minor annoyance really.

_DSC5295 by emailsucks98, on Flickr

_DSC5321 by emailsucks98, on Flickr

_DSC5351 by emailsucks98, on Flickr

_DSC5409 by emailsucks98, on Flickr
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How long does it take to ride/hike-a-bike up 4th of July ? How much of it is actually rideable vs hike-a-bike? Your probably much fitter than I but wondering total trip time.
For an XC fit rider it's probably 30% rideable. I pushed pretty much the entire thing to conserve energy & since I'm lazy.
It took us about 4hrs to push up 4th of July trail, with a few breaks- 4600'.

The good news is, once you're up on the ridge, there's very little climbing on the descent. 5700' of elevation loss (not cumulative) to the bottom of icicle ridge.

Push up was difficult but the downhill was huge payback for the effort.
What's the water situation? As I recall, there's not much (if any) water from Cabin Creek to the NW of the Fourth of July/Icicle Ridge junction all the way to the end of the trail near Leavenworth. Still true?
What's the water situation?
There were two small setram crossings near the top- both very refreshing. You'd want a water filter and I would expect them to dry up at some point.

100oz bladder & a beer got me through it, but we had a nice cool breeze on the way up.
The brush is pretty bad in spots on the upper climb, but the descent was well worth it.
Video?, water?, how much do I have to push?

Uncle Len proposes we add value to our threads not wear down our friendly sources with things we should prepare for on our own.

I posted this Kirkendall route as a bbtc ride ten years ago and a guy showed up on a Huffy he bought that week and pushed it all the way up.

Anyhow he comes up to the intersection and out of his pack comes a stove and he cooked a bowl of soup. Then he fired up a cigarette and told the few of us remaining he had survived cancer the year before and felt more alive than ever and was savoring every minute and this ride inspired him to buy the huffy.

I bummed a smoke and after savoring it he and I had a great ride down at very social pace and he took this shot:

You still out there Paul? That was a good ride brother...

Thanks much FM for the info and when I roll it I'll recruit loppers and handsaws and we will only take out that which pisses us off.
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+1 on the great story.

If you are planning to cut out only what annoys you, I'd be ready for a 2 day hike a bike. Loopers would work great, I don't think a handsaw would be necessary.

We discussed leaving a machete from harbor freight with a sign about community, to brush 10 feet of trail and leave for the Next passer by. It would be an interesting experiment. For best results you'd probably want to have them push through brush for a while so that they would actually want to or be motivated to help out.
Len, I remember that ride and that guy :)

For stronger riders, who prefer more pedaling than pushing, OAB from the Icicle Ridge TH is actually a pretty nice option (with "only" a mile or so of pushing). You would avoid the paved road climb too. It's also easier to bail :)
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