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4th July 1987 (American Breezer Content)

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How we get ready for celebrating the 4th July in Switzerland.
Had another quick drive around the Block with the Delorian

Every film team needs its own sherpas. ;)

Let's have a look at the bike
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Don't see anything

The Pinguin Pic

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The Sun coming out

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Cool bike. Back in the day when I had my Comp Lite B.C. (before children), I lived on a houseboat here in Seattle on Lake Union. Those water photo's bring back great memories. One day during the winter I was walking down the dock and my neighbor was fishing for his bike with a three pronged anchor tied to a line. Somehow his bike had jumped into the water and my neighbor was trying to bring it back up from the depths. When he finally got the bike back up to the surface it all made sense. It was some sort of Wallmart bike trying to put itself out of it's misery.....
What a beauty!

I guess I have seen this bike before.. I mean the frame. Awesome job! :thumbsup:
I believe you must have access to some NOS European time warp. And, gimme those shoes!...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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