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45mm length stem options (35mm clamp)

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I've got a library of 35mm clamp stems including 35, 40, and 50 lengths to play with fit. I'd like to fill in the gap between the 40 and 50mm. I see Spank makes a 45mm length option, however, it's a split clamp design; more fiddly, imo. I prefer a single piece faceplate. Fairly ambivalent on the stack and rise, though low stack is nice.

Any other options out there?
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Richey WCS Trail stem comes in 45mm length, iirc.

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I also found this Tag Metals stem in 45mm. Burlier than I need, also appears that the power cut out before the CNC machine finished the job. But I guess it has its own special brand of beauty in a District 9 robot sort of way.
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