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i have (or better had) an on-one 456TI frame (26“). I bougth it 8 years ago. Really loved the bike.
After 1 year a weld at the rear triangle (near the brake) cracked. It took around 3 month to get the frame repaired by on one. They welded an additional strut in to the rear tirangle. It happend to be a frequent problem of this frame. It was annoying, but ok this can happen.

Now 3 month ago the rear dropout broke during a MTB-Tour (see attached pics) with no obvious reason (no rock contact or so).
So I sent the pictures to on-one. After a long and annoying e-mail conversation on-one finally told me that the former supplier of the frame (i think it is an lynskey frame) says that the dropout is excluded from the lifetime guarantee. The costs for the repair are around 600$ (without shipping). On-one will offer me a discount on one of their new frames (27,5 or 29) as an good will gesture.

I told them i will not accept this, it was nowhere mentioned that the dropout is excluded from the guarantee. Since that i did not hear a word from on-one (around two weeks). I want to get the fram repaired for free or a new 26" frame so that i can use all my parts (wheels where new, Fork 2 years old ...)
So what do you think? Am i wrong or is this a really bad service of on-one? Has anybody similar experience? What could i do next?

Thanks for you opinion an sorry for my bad english (i am from Austria).

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