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45 years old...340 lbs...5'8" New rider, what bike?

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Have no idea really where to start. I'm 45 years old and 340 lbs. Would like to start biking for exersice. I live in a rural area, but would probably be mostly riding on pavement. I would like to start with spending under $400. if that is possible and work my way up. Not even sure if there is a bike that would hold my weight.
I have checked places like ebay but I don't think I would like to start that way.
Is there a type of bike that is in between a road and mountain bike. If you can be specific...very specific.
I have had some medical issues that have caused me to gain some weight, but nothing that would prevent me now from riding a bike. I'll start out slow...but I just want to start. Thank you so much in advance....Kevin
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most big-brand companies make hybrid bikes, which are essentially comfort bikes with less rolling resistance. they'll have 700c wheels instead of 650. however, they are not between mountain and road bikes. you'll notice this immediately when you sit on various bikes...the body position is different. hybrids have the most upright's almost like sitting in a chair. this might be the best option, especially if you have medical issues that make it uncomfortable on a mountain bike or a road bike. Hybrids also have comfort features like suspension seatposts and forks. they don't go fast and they don't corner well, but if you're riding for transport/easy recreation/just to get in shape, they do fine.

here are some options

edit for more clarity: the bike "between" road and mountain bikes would be a cyclocross (CX) bike. it is essentially a toughened-up road bike with relaxed geometry (less stretched out/more upright) compared to a roadie. however, i don't recommend it for you, and it would impossible to find a new bike within your price range.
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Also look at some of the REI bikes. The Buzz might be a good one. I started riding at 400 lbs, down to 250 in 3 years. Went from a Buzz to a Trek 4500 now on a Kona Kula Primo. Reward yourself with wheels man and good luck!!
Thank you for all of the information. I'm going to start looking tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to riding. My son (21) just bought a trek discovery edtion bike a few weeks ago and has already rode in a few races.

I know I'm going to have to get accessories also....any ideas there? Thank you so much....Kevin
If you're looking at biking for exercise and plan on seeing mostly pavement and perhaps some rural roads, I'd opt for a cruiser or hybrid. The upright seating position, comfy saddles, and narrower tires will make for a very nice ride while you get in shape.

Of all my bikes I'd have to say that my vintage Raleigh Superbe 3 speed (cruiser) is among my very favourites due to it's comfortable riding position, outstanding ride, and high build quality. At nearly 30 years old the bike still looks and runs like it did new and the only thing I've done is replace the stock brake pads for better stopping power.

The only downside to the old 3 speed cruisers is that they aren't built for hill climbing due to their relatively high gearing.
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