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429 gearing . Anyone gone 1 x 9/10 ?

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Im currently 22-32 front and 11-34 rear and am thinking of going 1 x 9 or 10 on my 429 , i usually push big gears and have not used the front granny since i got the bike . My only doubt is the fact that i will be doing a few decent enduros later in the year.
My thinking of the 1x10 will be a rotor Q 33t front and a 11-36 rear .

Im 1x9 on my 29er hardtail , so has anyone made up a special jumpstop to hold the chain in place on a 429 ?

Im thinking either going a bash on either side of the single front or making up a custom jumpstop device that will fit on the front mech bolts .
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Funny as I saw the thread title I was thinking 33T up front w/ an 11-36 Rear... I could see myself using it for most of the summer/fall as trails where I ride are much faster and I tend not to use my granny at all- but in the slower, wetter stuff or longer rides (relative term I guess) it is always nice to have the granny fail safe-

Modding a chain guide that could use the direct bolts sounds like a solid plan- the way the paul's chain keeper is designed would be a great canidate you could use the exsisting allen bolt to mount it to what ever bracket you think up, making it pretty solid- unless you plan on running a bash guard....
I had emailed e13 a while back to see if they were developing a chainguide for bolt on applications and they said they would email when it was close. I happen to know a machinist that has a couple of CNC's and I'm going to ask him do make me something. A 1X10 with a 34 or 36 would be perfect for my racing and riding. I run a 36/22 11-34 now and haedly ever use the granny. My upcoming upgrade is going XX so maybe over the winter I will work on the 1x10 setup.
Interesting on the e13 . Im definately going to do it soon , just need to get all the bits first . Im also thinking if i go a 33t Rotor Q ring how will that affect the chosen chain retention device as the illiptical ring will be moving the chain up and down .....
Need 10sp shifter, 11-36 cassette, 10 speed chain and 33t Q ring . Get to drop the 429's weight by removing 1 shifter , front mech and granny ring :thumbsup:

Now to work out the chain retainer .
I was pondering a similar concept (2x9 vs 3x9) and even went as far as trying to figure out the ratios of each "gear" and what would actually be missed. I wanted to eliminate the big ring for clearance.

The one concern of mine is that the suspension was very specifically designed around the chain tension impacting the anti-squat (as far as I understand it). I thought I had recalled seeing a response from DW, himself, regarding not wanting to use the granny gear over the middle chainring, if possible. So, it makes me wonder what the ideal chainring setup would be.
Until i figure out how to include my spreadsheet in here, I'll describe what I noticed. It appears that the only "gears" that would be missing from a 1 x 9 setup would be... 22 x 34/26/23 and 44 x 15/13/11. The other ratios seem to be covered by the spread of the 32 x 11/34 (unless my math is COMPLETELY wrong, which it very well can be.)

I'll attempt to paste my html spreadsheet into this doc and see what happens...

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