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400K & 100K Results/Photos Posted, 600K Brevet on 6/27/9

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Happy Solstice! It's all downhill from here! When's the first Frigid Bits ride?

I finally got the results and photos from the 400K brevet and 100K populaire posted. I'm beginning to feel like a well-worn brevet card at the end of a 300K!

Results for all the rides are HERE.

Photos are here:

The 400K was fantastic; not one drop of rain. I'm not sure if that's ever happened before. Regardless, it was tough nonetheless; 400K always is.

The 100K populaire was a blast! We had great turnout, considering all the competing events, for the big loop around Anchorage. And the post-ride electrolyte replacement at the Moose's Tooth was very refreshing.

Next Saturday is the longest event on our calendar - the 600K brevet. It travels the huge, remote loop from Gakona up to Delta Junction, hangs a right to Tok, and another right back to Gakona. It's sort of like a criterium course, but a little slower, and riders only take one lap. (Should still be fun to watch though!:D)

Details on the 600K are HERE.

Thanks to all the riders who've joined us this year, riding new roads and making new friends.

We still have several rides left through the end of the summer. Keep checking the website, and come join us on one.
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