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Heard a lot through the grapevine out there, hope to see a lot of you here in CB on July 15th. The race is on, same course, however registration (due to more riders) will be at 6:30 AM, and no longer at the Brick Oven itself. They are going through some construction, so the race HQ will be at the 4 way parking area (CB Chamber), as you just come into town. All racers/riders can stage there, as well as have their vehicles/support set up there. The Brick Oven will still be our beer and pizza destination after the race, but all else is the same. Send me an email, and I'll send you the poster with all the details as well.

Snow melted early, we've had some rain, and the trails are CHERRY!!!!!!!. See you July 15th. Email with questions - Dave

[email protected]
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