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I'm not a framebuilder, I'm a designer and prototyper. I've started a journey of building a "sleeper bike" for a commuter. I'm building it around a 1996 Trek 850 steel frame. The frame originally came set up for canti brakes only. It had that weird cable guide just under the seat collar. Remember those?! Anyway...I wanted to convert it to disc but didn't want to spend $200+ sending it away for the mod. I also didn't want to spend $150 on a pre-fab jig. So I drew up and 3D printed a jig and I'm going to bring it to a local welder. I have a good relationship with the welder and all I'll have to do is set it up with the jig and they'll zip it right on. I realize that at a few points along the way something could go wrong, but I'm willing to measure twice, so to speak. It is after all a '90s steel frame that was $25 at the local community bike shop. It's really fun and I get to work with two local establishments and a good friend of mine (with the 3D printer). Here are a few photos and a link to download the files if you'd like. I'm still waiting for the actual steel disc tabs to be delivered.

Link to the files on Thingiverse:

Yellow Bicycle accessory Bicycle part Bicycle Bicycle frame

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Rim
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