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36 Vanilla rc2 help

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Need to make this a 2 bike fork, 125mm & 160mm, and get rid of my 32.

I lowered my 32 vanilla rlc to 125mm and it didn't seem to damage the damper and the controls work great.

Will the 36 rc2 controls operate correctly when lowered to 125-130mm?
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The damping should be fine. Not sure how you would lower it without cutting some metal (spring or support rod). The 36 does not have the swappable travel spacers like the other coil forks in the VAN line.
float spacers

Yup, like the 07' and up 32's. Cut the spring and use the same amount of float spacers on negative side.

Anyone done this on the 36?
Yeah, I've got a 110mm 36 Van on my jump bike. Works fine.
that's slammed

Were you able to compare the fork with an uncut spring? how much you weigh?
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