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36" tire frame

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Since the search function has been disabled, can anyone find me the threads on the 36tire frame? Who makes it?


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As a helpful hint to everyone, you can still search MTBR, and even this forum.

In the google search window type "what you want to search for" site: if you want to specifically search the 29er forum, or site: if you want to generally search the entire forum.

Many times it works better than the mtbr search engine.
Coker makes a 36" cruiser bike. It's likely not very trail-worthy, nor would you be able to move too many parts over to a more rugged frame.

All the rest have been custom.

Pofahl build a couple for Benwitt11 here, James at Blacksheep built himself one in ti, Waltworks built mine, Brian Keener built his own (now with front suspension!), and the rest are also one-offs.

Some threads to delve into:
36" vs 29" thread:
Friday show/tell 36er:
Blacksheep 36er:
A Month of 36ing:
New 36er Front End pics:
When 29 is just not enough:

That should get you started...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts