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355 + Nevegal + tubeless = bueno?

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Getting ready to build my blur back up for Spring riding (getting a jump on it). I was running the Nev 2.3 on the 355 with a tube for the year that this bike was together, and it worked just fine -- no issues. But since I'll be wrenching on this rig again, I'm thinking about pulling the tube out and setting the 355 up tubeless.

FTR: I'm about 190 geared up and ride and occasionally race fairly tame NorCal XC trails. Yes, it's certainly on the light side for me, but it was built well and I'm gentle on rims; I have no history of tweaking, denting, tacoing, or otherwise abusing wheels.

Anyone running this combo tubeless with success? Has the 355 panned out as a good choice for tubeless use? Asking mostly about diameter / bead fit / security type concerns.

Thanks for useful input.
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I just switched over from the 2.3 Nevegal on a Stan's 355 tubeless to a Quasi Moto. I had been running the Nevegal since mid summer with a Stan's 355 and Stan's tape and sealant. I am about 240 geared up. I ran this set up the better part of 6 months with no issues at all. I have had no flats or burp's. The only reason I changed was the weight of the Nevegal. The tires are pretty much bullet proof from my experieince. One note, the Kenda's seem to be more prorous that any other tire that I have run tubeless, use more stan's than they recommend when you first mount it up (2X), it may take 2-3 days of riding airing it up before it completely seals. Once it does, you should be good to go. If you have any questions, PM me and I will be happy to help in any way. Good luck with the conversion.
I got the 2.35 Nev tubeless on my 355 with tape only.

I had been running the Neo for over a year and it was showing some wear. I ran it tubeless too. I loved that tire and was going to get another one until I saw Universal had the 2.35 Kenda for $32. I am a cheap above all and could not resist. The Kenda did take more sealant and time to seal up. It has been good ever since. I am a little wary since Kenda supposedly doesn't play well with Stans, but so far so good. It is way grippier than the Neo, mostly due to compound. It is slower too for the same reason. I'll probalby wear it out and try the next thing that is out. Hopefully the Wolverine will be out by then?? or If I could ever find a deal on the RR, I would bite on that.

I weigh 180 and run about 28 psi in the Nev.
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